Why it is critical for your health & safety

There are 3 important reasons to have your goalie mask painted by an ITech/Bauer approved & certified airbrush artist & painter:


A helmet’s integrity can be drastically altered by different kinds of paints used in the painting process.

The procedure itself can alter the materials in the mask, leaving it a non-CSA approved helmet.

Even a minor element such as glue from a sticker can take away the CSA approval!


Now we all know that goalie helmets are not cheap, and who wants to get nice paint job on a new helmet only to get on the ice and discover that you are not allowed to wear it.

Without a certified painter painting your helmet, the referee or league could kick you off the ice and the time and expense that went into your beautiful, costly helmet goes down the drain!


ITECH/BAUER & Eddy Mask make sure that all their painters follow approved and correct painting procedures. There are no cutting corners in this business. ITECH/BAUER is so confident in their selected painters, that they will warranty the paint job against mask defects even after the helmet has been painted.

If a non-certified painter paints their masks, their manufacturer’s warranty is voided!

How’s that for trust!