Frequently Asked Questions

  • +Q. What is your turn-around time?

    A. This can vary depending on the necessary preparation to get the surface ready and level of detail within the project. On average, most projects are completed within a couple of weeks. We usually have a bit of a wait list so we recommend getting booked in sooner than later. Ian is a full-time Airbrush Artist and Illustrator and every piece is designed and drawn/painted/airbrushed by him solely – this is what he does all day (and sometimes even all night!)

  • +Q. Do I have to pay upfront?

    A. We require an upfront deposit to get your project booked in with us and will then invoice you for the remainder upon completion. The balance is due prior to us returning the item to you. This is to obligate us to paint your order, and for you to come back for it.

  • +Q. Will you provide me with a full rendering prior to airbrushing?

    A. Not unless Ian feels it’s necessary or its a highly detailed and intricate design in which case you’ll be provided with either a concept sketch or digital drawing. Ian wants to honor your budget by using as much of it as he can to make the airbrushing amazing! Once you’re on the same page with the main elements (he’ll go over this on the phone with you and/or in person) he’ll then ask that you trust him to bring the design together in a dynamic and cohesive way.

  • +Q. I've found an image that I love and want it airbrushed exactly! Do you airbrush replicas or do copies of artwork?

    A. Like most artists who are proud of their work and are always striving to better their skills, Ian’s preference is to come up with his own unique design based on the information and/or images you provide to him. In addition to that, every surface is different so the design needs to be tailored to best fit that surface which means trusting Ian’s judgement on placement and sizing. If you’re getting something airbrushed it’s usually to customize and personalize the piece to be uniquely yours, and that’s exactly what Ian wants to achieve for you! We realize it’s sometimes a challenge to trust someone to bring your vision to life however Ian is an expert at his craft and if you want his best, most creative artwork (which you do!) trusting him is a necessary part of the process. We said trust a lot in that answer – that’s probably key!

  • +Q. Once I've booked my project with you, what happens?

    A. Tammy will be in contact with you to keep you updated on our schedule and as your project date approaches, she’ll arrange a time for you to get the piece to us (if you haven’t already). The piece will then be properly sanded, taped up, primered and basecoated in preparation for the design/placement stage and airbrushing. We’ll send a few photos of the airbrushing (so you can see the transformation – always exciting!) and then the piece will be clearcoated. Once it’s dried/cured Tammy will coordinate a time to meet up again or for the piece to be shipped back to you.

    Please note:

    For motorcycle or vehicle projects, we don’t do any body work so if your parts are raw metal, have only an electrostatic primer or are in need of repair, this portion will have to be completed by a certified bodyshop prior to us receiving the parts.

    For helmet projects, we are unable to work on any helmet that has a ‘gummy’ or rubberized or partial rubberized finished so to be safe, we recommend purchasing a helmet with a gloss finish.

  • +Q. What payment methods do you accept?

    A. We accept payment via E-transfer, cash or money order. If you’re an international customer and would like to pay by credit card, you may do so securely through PayPal.

  • +Q. Can I ship my item to you?

    A. Yes, however you will be responsible for any Customs charges and the cost of shipping the item back to you. This will be an additional cost.

  • +Q. Do you paint on any surface?

    A. Yes, almost any. There have been very few times Ian’s had to turn a customer away. He’ll do his best to learn about the surface you want painted and if it can be prepped properly to create good adhesion he’s happy to paint it for you.

  • +Q. Airbrush artists can often be difficult to get a hold of - how do I know you'll get back to me if I have a question or concern?

    A. We have a person dedicated to customer service and communication. Tammy will be returning most of your emails and coordinating all of our meetings. If you’ve got a question or concern, she will ensure that you receive a response from us in a timely manner. (If you haven’t had a response from us, please check your Junk/Spam folder as occasionally our reply will get incorrectly filtered.) Not only do we want you to receive an amazing, quality piece of artwork, we also want you to enjoy the process and feel informed every step of the way!

  • +Q. Do you give lessons?

    A. We are planning on starting soon – so stay tuned…